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The Ford Racing Puma (also know as the FRP) was designed and created by Ford Racing to be a limited run of just 1000 examples (500 for the UK market and 500 for Germany)


Ford Germany quickly decided against selling the Ford Racing Puma in Germany due to strong competition from other manufacturers leaving just 500 examples to be produced for the UK market only making the Ford Racing Puma one of the rarer special edition Ford models.


Customers would order a standard Ford Puma and opt for the Racing Puma kit. A standard Ford Puma was then delivered to the Tickford factory in the UK where a team of specialists completed the conversion to Racing Puma specification.


The Ford Racing Puma featured a modified version of the 1.7 Zetec-SE engine pushing out 153bhp. 


The bodywork was changed to give it wider front and rear wings, with the track increased and the rims upgraded to 17"x7.5J which housed large Alcon 4 pot calipers and discs, with disc brakes to the rear. 


The interior was also transformed with Sparco bucket seats finished in blue Alcantara trim, which was also used to trim the rear seats and door cards. This version was only made available in right hand drive to the UK market, with all 500 cars produced in Ford Racing Blue.

Ford Racing Puma during Tickofrd conversion
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