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As many Racing Puma owners will know the remaining specific Racing Puma 909 and 908 parts are becoming very hard to find or source. As a group we are looking to start offering parts from our own parts store these will include NOS (New old stock) genuine Ford Racing parts as well as re-manufactured parts that we have sourced directly from the original equipment manufacturer. We hope this will help to keep our cars on the roads for the foreseeable future.

Below is a list of all the miscellaneous  parts we have available, we hope to add to this parts list over time.

If you wish to purchase or make an enquiry please CLICK HERE and fill in our enquiry form.

9098008 Ford Racing One Piece Badge - Price: POA

The original Ford Racing Badges that were fitted to the Racing Puma rear quarter windows were a hard solid plastic injection moulded piece with the Ford Racing logo transfer printed on the reverse, these have been reproduced by a company in recent years. Reproductions are have domed edges, whereas the originals have solid, right angled edges.

9098168 Rear Quarter Stone Guard Kit - Price: £80.00

Rear quarter stone guard protection kit, these provided as an after thought following lots of complaints that the rear arch / rear quarter body work was being damaged due to stone chips (no front mud flaps were supplied as standard on the Ford Racing Puma).

Genuine NOS stock part.

9097897 Front Splitter Bracket - £10.00

The front splitter was secured to the front bumper assembly using 2 brackets that bolted to the splitter and the lower section of the front bumper assembly.

Genuine NOS Ford part.

9097930 Spare Wheel Carrier Blanking Plate - Price: £10.00

The Racing Puma came with no spare wheel or spare wheel carrier frame / aseemberly found on the underside of the boot area. As the carrier was removed this left a hole in the boot floor (a nut / bolt passed through the boot floor to secure the spare wheel carrier) a blanking plate was fitted and bonded to the boot floor to seal the now redundant hole.

Genuine NOS Ford part.

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