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In 2002 Swindon Racing Engines started developing a new Formula 3 engine

that was to be utilised in the 2002 racing season.

The engine that Ford chose to use as a base for the Formula 3 engine was none other than the Yamaha / Ford developed Zetec S 1.7 engine that is found in the Ford Racing Puma and standard 1.7 Puma.

Swindon Racing Engines have previously had successful experience within Formula 3 working on Toyota, Mitsubishi, Alfa Romeo, Triumph and Volkswagen power units.

Project Origination:

Swindon Racing Engines were contracted by Ford to design and produce an engine for the Puma European rally car. Through this extensive project it was realised what great potential the identical cylinder block and head could offer as a Formula 3 engine.

Production Based Engine Parts:

Cylinder Block-
Production: The cylinder block was designed and manufactured by Yamaha for Ford.

Characteristics: A light weight aluminium cylinder block that has excellent structural design. The compact layout of the block offers excellent torsional strength, and combined with a Nicosil bore makes an excellent base unit.

Cylinder Head-
Production: Like the cylinder block, the cylinder head has been designed and manufactured by Yamaha for Ford.
Characteristics: The cylinder head has a very compact combustion chamber layout, allowing high compression ratios.

Prototyping / Manufacture:

Development work has been highly efficient due to the in-house capability to produce components quickly and make modifications when needed. CNC machines ensure our turn around times are reduced greatly and our number of solutions is not limited. These facilities enable different ideas to be easily tested on the various development engines.

Gas-Dynamic Roller Throttle-
The Formula 3 engine will utilise the fully developed twin roller throttle system. This assembly increases air speed and capacity into the head, and gives a far
more responsive and progressive throttle for the driver.


Engine: 1997cc

Cylinder Block: Aluminium alloy casting with nicosil-plated cylinder bores
Weight with main caps, bolts and bearings - 15.8kg

Dry sump: High oil control efficiency, structurally designed with direct mounting from chassis to transmission

Cylinder Head: Cast aluminium alloy, 4 valves per cylinder.

Weight, complete with valve train - 12.1kg

Crankshaft: Steel billet light weight crank

Connecting Rod: Forged steel

Piston: Forged aluminium alloy

Tappet: Direct overhead tappet piston

Camshafts: Belt driven

Throttle System: Compact high responsive throttle system, enabling close mounting to inlet valves.

Engine Weight: Less clutch, starter, exhaust and structural mounting - 73.7kg


Engine Lease Cost: 

Engine annual lease including access to spare engines: £18,500
Main Engine Included: Complete Exhaust System, Airbox Assembly, Flywheel, Engine Loom, Engine Sensors, Coils and Travel Case. This package includes access to spare engines during  British Championship races and FOTA tests at no additional costs.

Optional complete dedicated spare engine annual lease: £15,000

Engine specification as above. For teams that compete in regular testing away from the official FOTA tests, a dedicated spare engine can be leased. Note: by having a dedicated spare engine, you are still eligible for the spare engines at British Championship races and FOTA tests at no extra cost. (ie. You will have access to 2 spare engines)

Optional dedicated spare engine annual lease: £13,500

As above excluding the exhaust system and airbox assembly.

Service costs:

Service costs are determined on the maximum number of kilometres completed in a season. Costs are calculated as an all in one package ensuring your engine is kept at its most competitive at all times. 

Kilometre Bracket Package Cost Total (without a dedicated spare)

10,000 £30,000

12,500 £36,875 

15,000 £43,500


Additional 2500km usage will cost £8000 over and above the original selected service pack
Included in the service cost is:
- Use of spare ECU's, sensors and engine looms

- Full track support for the British Championship series

- Engine exchange during rebuilds

- All scheduled full engine rebuilds and parts

- All scheduled intermediate services and parts

- All scheduled dynamometer tests

- All development part updates

- Race support truck assistance with workshop and data analysis equipment

- Race win bonus of £1000

Download the specification and information brochures by clicking the PDF icons below-

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