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Externally the Ford Racing Puma was fitted with wider aluminium front wings which replaced the standard Puma items, wider rear arches / rear quarter panels were bonded and welded over the top of the standard rear quarter panel.

The rear arch / quarter panel is the Racing Pumas Achilles heel, rust is common sight on the lower sill where the rear quarter joins, this is because water often gets caught between the inner standard rear quarter and the wider out rear quarter panel causing the panel to rot from the inside out.

To continue the wider, more aggressive look the front and rear bumpers were changed to meet the wider wings and a carbon fibre effect front splitter was added.

The wheels were increased in size from the standard 15" to 17" multi-spoke wheels known as Speedlines; its worth noting the wheels were not made by Speedline but MIM and the model / design was 'Speedline'.

All examples were finished in Ford Imperial Blue paintwork, the only colour option available and commonly used on special edition Ford models of the era.

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