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The Ford Racing Puma was originally unveiled by Ford at the 1999 Geneva Motor Show, originally dubbed the ST160 as the planned power output was meant to be 160PS. The ST160 concept then transformed to become the Ford Racing Puma as we know it.


An extract from a new report regarding the ST160 unveiling at Geneva 'Powering the new body is an uprated 1.7-litre Zetec SE engine producing 160bhp (hence the name) at the front wheels. This unit began life with 125bhp in the regular Puma. To extract more power Ford have added new camshafts, a reworked inlet manifold and a sportier exhaust system. As this car weighs only 1040kg the performance should be invigorating. Holding it on the road are the race-derived chassis settings. Complimenting those huge tyres are new springs and dampers, uprated Alcon brakes and a limited slip differential. This is obviously a serious enthusiast's car. As if that needs to be emphasised Ford have revised the already funky interior (Ford call it "New Edge") - adding aluminium pedals, Sparco seats and Alcantara trim. It is not quite clear whether Ford will produce this car. Having sold 47,000 Pumas since its 1997 launch one would assume that there will be sufficient demand'

From that extract we immediately know that some of the planned additions never made the cut such as the aluminium pedals and limited slip differential (although this was an optional extra when the car was ordered)

Power output was also down from the planned 160PS to 153bhp, whether this was the fundamental reason the ST160 name was dropped or not is still unknown, however it must have gone some distance as the uprated springs fitted to the Eibach suspension has 160ST printed on the coils.

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