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Power was sent to the front wheels through an IB5 gearbox, this is the same gearbox that is used in the standard Ford Puma, however the Racing Puma gearboxes featured shot peened 1st and 2nd gears to help cope with the power increase.


Limited slip differentials were an optional extra available to add to the specification list when ordering the car, it is thought that 80 examples were spec'd with LSD from Tickfords, over the years additional cars have had LSD retro fitted. Our list shows that only 75 build numbers left the Tickford factory fitted with LSD.


Due to the wider bodywork the front track was increased. This was achieved by fitting wider front wishbones these were 33.7mm wider each side compared to the standard Ford Puma items, specific longer driveshafts were fitted to transfer the power from the gearbox to the wheels.

The front knuckle was re-engineered to allow the increased diametre of the Eibach struts to fit and the steering angle altered to account for the additional width in the front tracking.

The rear axle remained unchanged, although 30mm spacers where fitted to the press release examples (V1-V6 FRP) that went to San Francisco for the launch of the car. 

As with the LSD, wider rear spacers have been retro fitted 20mm spacers to many examples as an aesthetic choice; helping the wheels to fill the rear arches better.

The rear hub and stub axles were FRP specific utilising a Ford Focus rear wheel bearing with the standard Puma ABS tone ring; the stub axle differed to the standard Puma or Focus stub axles as the ABS sensor hole was in a different position to allow for a straight (not angled) sensor to fit; the rear ABS sensor loom is thought to be specific but is also thought to be taken from a Ford Escort Estate.

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