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The San Francisco launch was based around the success of the standard Ford Puma. The television advert had used extracts from the movie classic 'Bullitt' starting Steve McQueen and edited it so a Ford Puma was used rather than the famous Racing Green Mustang.


On the 30th November 1999 Ford Motor Company used a well known 'Bullitt' replica Mustang owned by Dave Kunz and the V1 FRP press Racing Puma for a promotional photo shoot.


Ford shipped the 'Bullitt' Mustang replica from Los Angeles, California. to San Francisco, California for a full day of shooting and promotional work.


The photographer on the day was Charles McGee was flown in from England to shoot the cars. Firstly the cars were set up on a pier with the Oakland bridge in the background.

Later in the photo shoot, the cars where shot in the Potrero District. The area has classic San Francisco hills to give the photo shoot that 'Bullitt' feel.

Once the shoot with the 'Bullitt' Mustang replica was completed several other photographs were taken solely of V1 FRP driving enthusiastically around San Francisco.


Ford Racing Puma V1 FRP San Francisco launch
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