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Its argued that the engine should have produced more power than it did and the program was originally dubbed Puma ST160 referring to a 160bhp power output. Why was the power increase so little (153bhp over the standard 123bhp) possibly due to budget constraints and the cars intended insurance group, who knows for sure.

On the other hand, the power available is perfectly adequate. The chassis is so well sorted that the car can be driven to the ragged edge and handle its power perfectly, some way adding power would ruin the handling and in turn the essence of what makes the Ford Racing Puma so special and addictive to drive.


The Ford Racing Puma is equipped with the Yamaha tuned 1.7 litre 16V engine found in the standard Ford Puma, power was increased by fitting higher lift camshafts, 4-2-1 exhaust manifold and sports CAT, different inlet manifold (individually numbered to each car) and a modified engine management system that increased the rev limit.

Engine Data

Engine type: 1.7-litre 16V Zetec SE with revised camshafts, inlet manifold and exhaust system

Displacement (cc): 1,679

Bore, mm: 80.0

Stroke, mm: 83.5

Fuel type: Unleaded petrol

Max power: PS 155 at engine speed (1/min) 7,000

Peak Torque Nm: 162 at engine speed (1/min) 4,500



0-60 mph (seconds): 7.9

Max speed mph (km/h): 126 (202)

Fuel economy:

Urban mpg (l/km): 24.9 (11.3)

Extra urban mpg (l/km) 44.6 (6.3)

Combined mpg (l/km) 34.7 (8.1)

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