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#0072 has been in the loving care of Graham Gillings for the past 10 years. For most of ownership Graham used the car as daily driver as well as track day car and have covered around 2000 miles on race tracks.


The frequent track use was the reason behinds a few of Grahams carefully considered modifications; the most notifiable being the genuine EVO Ford Motorsport spoiler that helps to keep the rear end of the car in line whilst on track. Graham also opted to retro fit LSD to help with cornering and in 2012 he fit a Nitrous Oxide injection system that sees power peak to 200bhp when the button is pressed!

Whilst being parked on the road a Subaru driver misjudged the gap with an oncoming car causing #0072 to require a little bodywork in the shape of a new wing, door and arch repair. Graham struck a deal with the NCC (National Clearance Centre) who obtained all the Ford Racing Puma spare parts when Ford Racing closed down. The repair work was undertaken and the whole car received a full glass out respray.

In 2016 Graham attended the Gurston Down Hill climb school and achieved their highest ever score by a novice of 89%... we put that down to the car ;)

2017 will see track days come to an end for #0072 after a couple of 'moments' on track last year and with the increasing rarity and values of the Racing Puma, Graham has decided enough is enough and will be keeping the FRP off track and used for regular driving and shows.

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