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FRP #0027 has been the ownership of Simon Crosby since 2010, during this time it Simon has had the front bumper, wings and bonnet painted due to stone chips that affects the majority of the Racing Puma cars. #0027 was one of the first cars to have the underside refurbished and was inspiration for Alex who owns #0401. Simon stripped the underside to rust prevent and protect before painting the boot floor and chassis lets in Ford Dove Grey.

The rear axle and running gear were sand blasted and powdered before new disc and pads were fitted along with full reconditioned rear brake calipers courtesy of Bigg Red Brakes. The front running gear received the same treatment of sand blasting and powder coating and was refitted with an array of new parts.

There are some big plans for #0027's engine which have been in the pipeline (and the back of Simon's garage) for a few years now so watch this space for a seriously good update.. soon, hopefully!

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