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FRP 477 is owned by James Suckling, James love for the Puma stretches back many years during which time he has owned a Puma Black Edition which he has cherished and kept to an amazing standard! The donor car for #0477 built on 14 April 2000 (the same day as James daughters birth), it was third to last to be built and started off as a Ford management car.

#0477 has only had 4 owners including James, the previous owner sadly having to part ways due to ill health, having an 'Apprentice' style interview upon viewing the car to check he was the correct candidate to take over custody. James intended use for #0477 was to be his wedding day car.


To get the the car up to his usual standard and ready for the 'big day' the underside was fully stripped and sent for sandblasting to remove all the old underseal and paint. This showed the full extent of the repairs required, #0477 suffered from the usual sill, lower rear arch rot. As usual the inner sill had rotted from the inside out. A new inner sill was fitted along with the lower section of the outer Racing Puma arch taken from a new old stock panel.

With the metal work completed the under side was etch primed, stone-chipped and painted in Audi Nardo Grey (to be a little different!) The body of the car then received a full glass out respray in Imperial Blue. Upon return from the body shop the car was rebuilt using all new bolts and clips, newly powder coated rear axle, painted fuel tank, new rear brake lines, discs and pads and refurbished rear calipers.

Up front the car has had a full engine out service with new cambelt , aux belt, all new engine seals, water pump and so on ensuring its fully sorted for years to come!

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