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Credit: Shaun Skinner - Chairman of Tickford Owners Club


This information has kindly been given to us by Shaun Skinner and has been adapted from his Tickford Owners Club magazine article. During 2000 Shaun wrote to the head of Tickford; John Thurston.


Shaun's letter was passed to Sales Director John Tampkins, who kindly invited him for a tour of the new (at the time) production facility in Daventry. Upon arrival they were shown around the production facility and in particular were shown Build No. 0025 (FRP #0025) being converted.


The factory tour showed various stages of conversion and outlined the stage being carried at out at each 'bay' in the production facility-


The cars arrive at Tickford from Fords Neihl Production facility and are incomplete ready for conversion. Each car is assigned a production number and various paper work is filled out. Once this is complete the car is taken to;


Bay 1 - The interior is fully removed the donor car

Bay 2 - Tailgate is removed from the donor car

Bay 3 - Front wings are removed from the donor car

Bay 4 - Steel rear arches are welded over the standard rear quarter panels

Bay 5 - Spray booth, the cars are painted in Ford Imperial Blue

Bay 6 - Suspension is changed from standard to the Eibach setup

Bay 7 - Standard brakes are removed and replaced with the Alcon setup

Bay 8 - Interior trim is refitted along with repainted wings and tailgate

Bay 9 - The engine is fitted with the FRP spec cams, inlet and exhaust system

Bay 10 - Final parts are fitted (Racing Badges etc) and final checks are made

Once completed the cars are lined up in the audit bay where quality control checks are made, followed by a 15 mile road test. Following the road test the cars are cleaned and polished and await collection.

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